Julia Masalska is an award-winning multidisciplinary designer. Her work is characterized by being minimalistic and user-centered. She is passionate about experimental design and prototyping. Julia brings a senior-level experience working for agencies as well as a freelancer and an in-house designer. Her background in industrial design enriches her technical understanding about packaging and production. Some of Julia’s clients are Jameson Whiskey, Panda Express, Adobe, as well as small to mid-size businesses and startups. 
Julia hosts fellow designers on Adobe Live shows on Behance and hosts an own educational channel on YouTube
Work ethic: Julia appreciates clear communication, power brain storming sessions (these days virtually with the Whiteboard plugin in Adobe XD) and short emails. She is experienced in adapting to ambiguous or fast-paced team environments.
Hobbies: being outdoors with her golden doodle Blondie, camping, hiking, traveling exotic places and getting lost in cities, coffee, Italian wine, cooking intercultural food.

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